These notes assume you have read or understand the notes for the all-in-one VM. The only purpose of this page is to give setup instructions for origin 1.2 (which "matches" 3.2 running in OpenShift Online). Remember this is origin while Online is running OpenShift Container Platform so there might be differences.


Install instructions
After you have installed Vagrant and VirtualBox, please:
Easiest instructions

  1. Go to an empty directory
  2. In the directory, at the command line, run
    $ vagrant init thesteve0/openshift-origin
  3. Optional You can edit the generated Vagrantfile to give your machine more resources
  4. Then run
    $ vagrant up


Updating previous versions

  1. Go to the directory where you previously ran
    $ vagrant up
  2. Run the following command
    $ vagrant box update --box thesteve0/openshift-origin
  3. You need to destroy and create the environment again
  4. $ vagrant destroy --force 
  5. $ vagrant up --provider=virtualbox 


To remove a previous installation please do the following commands:

  1. Change to the directory with your Vagrantfile
  2. $ vagrant halt
  3. $ vagrant destroy --force
  4. $ vagrant box remove --force openshift3
    $ vagrant box remove --force openshift3-bootstrap
  5. Fire up VirtualBox to make sure the VM is really deleted. If not then delete it and all the files
  6. Follow the normal installation instructions


Required files:

  • Vagrant (may also be offered in your distro) - We have tested with 1.7.2, 1.7.4. Right now we are seeing a BAD SSH bug with 1.8.5, please get Vagrant 1.8.4
  • VirtualBox (again, may be offered in your distro) - We have tested with 4.3.30, 5.0.4. Do NOT get 5.1.x as that does NOT work with Vagrant yet. We would love to get feedback on newer versions.


Client tools:



Please send any and all feedback to TheSteve0, but please note this is not an "officially supported" product.


You can also come chat about it in IRC at FreeNode, #openshift channel with thesteve0